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Irena Relyovska-Barton



EFT was a calling to me that I could not resist. It empowered and inspired me so much that I left the comfort of my successful banking career amidst an economic crisis and started a pioneering EFT business in my own country Bulgaria. Tapping had a profound effect not only on my emotional but also on my physical health. It helped where traditional medicine had failed me and I am now rarely using the pain-killers I was so used to. As a special bonus my eye-sight improved significantly plus I shed a few kilos. As I kept going deeper into my own emotional healing some traumatic memories from past lives started to emerge. Although it was extremely challenging I had to deal with them only to discover that a realm of Oneness with All-That-Is lies beyond the pain. I experienced states of inexplicable love and bliss. Day after day I witness the astounding results that my clients receive which makes me stand in awe at the transformational power of energy psychology. Empowering my clients brings me deep sense of fulfillment and I feel forever grateful to all those great people who brought EFT to the world. Currently I am the only Bulgarian EFT Cert-I and Matrix Re-Imprinting practitioner and I am totally devoted to my pioneering mission.


I offer one on one sessions (via Skype) and live group coaching on removing blocks to success and money. In my work with people I create a safe space where I help them deal with their traumas, phobias or limiting beliefs or whatever is holding them from experiencing life full of love and abundance. I take them from the point of helplessness and emotional pain to the point of empowerment and peace. We work together to enhance their self confidence so that they can express the best of themselves into the world. I teach them how to use their negative emotions as a guide to connect to their life purpose. As I help my clients grow I grow too.


The best specialist areas are the personally-experienced ones. In my case, it is the overcoming of the traumatic experiences from my past lives. Using the Matrix Reimprinting to deal with emotions unrelated to my everyday life, I had to emotionally re-experience 8 of my past lives. In this sense, I have personally endured: the loss of a child, of a single parent, of a spouse and of the entire family, loss of home and ultimate survival, physical and sexual abuse, slavery and coercion, illegitimate child birth and adoption, torture, self-sacrifice and a couple of agonizing deaths. To immerse myself into these intense negative emotions, which at times turned into physical diseases, was a huge challenge both for me and for my family who had no rational explanation to what was happening to me. However, overcoming these immense emotional traumas brought to me mystical experiences of inexplicable love and oneness with All-That-Is. Despite the pain and suffering I have found a higher purpose to it all. I love to help people with phobias, panic disorders or severe health challenges like cancer as well as any emotional issues. Most physical diseases have emotional contributor which if revealed and treated with EFT/MR can lead to healing. My specialist areas are: 1. loss of a dear one; 2. dealing with “emotions out of nowhere” – when our emotional reaction does not match our everyday life; 3. removing (unrecognised) internal limitations to achieving a goal – when determined to achieve we do all that is needed but the results do not match our efforts; 4. stress management and dealing with disempowering situations – life is full of them; 5. eliminating persistent negative emotions/thinking – when we cannot control our feelings or thoughts; 6. empowering people who had experienced trauma or violence; 7. any kind of performance anxiety – before a job interview, presenting a project, sitting a test, public speaking; 8. weight issues – they are related to our feeling of safety, exchanging love or sexually related; 9. quit smoking; 10. finding our life purpose.


I have been on the self-development path ever since I was a teenager. I have been applying self-suggestion and Silva method for mind control for decades. I also work with the new energy frequencies of the Reconnection.


  • EFT Practitioner
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